Take Your Seat!

For a vibrant and caring community

Take Your Seat!

For a vibrant and caring community

A social club of
curious minds where locals and foreigners come together.

We are a community of curious minds that come from diverse backgrounds, but share a common love for Lisbon. As members, we are committed to searching for the next powerful question to unlock something new about ourselves and the world. Unlike other social clubs, we’re not just here for the small talk.

Every event is with the intention of creating meaningful connections to new people, ideas, and perspectives. We believe connection is at the heart of the city, and that the future depends on this collective support. Take your seat for a more vibrant and caring community.

One Thousand Members

Be part of bridging the gap


250 Female & 250 Male


250 Female & 250 Male


The available seats are limited. Reserve your seat today!

1-251 Seats

€33 per Month

251-500 Seats

€37 per Month

501-750 Seats

€42 per Month

751-1000 Seats

€47 per Month

What does Membership Include?

Be part of the community of curious minds, cultivate meaningful connections

— Expand Your

Get access to one thousand thinkers, leaders, and creatives who embrace insane curiosity.

— Connect in
Meaningful Ways

Our members value meaningful connections and are looking for authentic relationships, just like you. Connect with others who share your interests and can help you achieve your goals!

— Access the

Leverage the power of the collective through a private members portal for resource sharing, communication, and networking.


Experience the best of Lisbon through our private events and experiences

Epic Parties

We believe in the magic that happens in a collective, so a few times a month we come together for a large gathering.

Social Pod
Dinners in Homes

Because we know meaningful connection often happens around the table, every Tuesday we host small-group dinners in homes around the city with a variety of themes.

Inspiring Morning Talks

We gather some of the most inspiring thought leaders in Lisbon to share their work on issues that matter.

Weekend Fun

We take over some of Lisbon’s hottest brunch spots to enjoy weekends of connection, fun, and inspiration!

Club Highlights

Check out our latest update from our community happenings!

Meets the Founders

Even nicer to meet them in person

Mel Miles

Female Foreigner Co-Founder

Mel Miles is a social impact leader with a passion for connecting people. Previously Mel managed an investment portfolio at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As a foreigner, Mel is now deeply committed to investing in Portugal-based projects.

Maxime Barbier

Male Foreigner Co-Founder

Maxime Barbier is a French entrepreneur who founded the largest French media brand on social platforms, along with the connection company Timeleft. After meeting over 1000 people in Lisbon, Maxime is convinced that it is time to bridge the gap between locals and foreigners.

David Alves

Male Portuguese Co-Founder

David Alves is a Portuguese private equity fund manager and entrepreneur, as well as an active initiator within the Portuguese community. He truly believes in the power of networking and mindful connections to help shape the future of Lisbon.

How does membership
process work?
Share Your Personal Info
Our mission is connection, so we want to know all the ways other members can connect with you.
Complete our Application

We review every application to ensure you’re a fellow curious mind and aligned with the mission of our community.

Make a payment of 42
Then it’s a 3 month commitment (cancel anytime after that!)
Attend a Welcome Dinner
All new members receive an email invite to a free welcome dinner hosted by the co-founders.