Bridging the gap between locals and foreigners

We connect 500 locals and 500 foreigners together to close the gap between the community bubbles in the city, unlike classic members club, our members live all in the same city.

We're growing. Join us now.

To be in line with our promise, our club has 1000 seats, 500 for Portuguese and 500 for foreigners living in Lisbon, all living in Lisbon. And to do things right, we have also 50% women

25/250 members


39/250 members


21/250 members


13/250 members


How does it works?

We are looking for members that align with our mission:

To close the gap between community bubbles in the city.

If that’s you, here’s how it works:

1 - You apply

Fill out our super-short application form! Tell us why you’re amazing and why our bubble-breaking mission aligns with you.

2 - We screen you

Our club is a modern tribe and our members have each others backs. In order to protect the vibe, we have a 10 min screening call with each new member to make sure you are aligned with the mission.

3 - We invite you to join

Once you’re accepted, you’ll get sent a payment link to sign up!

4 - You attend a welcome dinner

New members join an intimate weekly dinner with the founders. We promise everyone attends strangers and leaves with new friends!

What does membership include?

JOIN FOR €33 /month

  • Monthly Social Pod

    Because we know meaningful connection happens in smaller groups, we’ll match you with 7 strangers each month (4 Portuguese, 4 Foreigners, 4 Men, 4 Women). You’ll all get introduced by email, with some of Lisbon's hottest new spots to plan to meet up over rooftop drinks.

  • Events

    Once a month, we’ll all come together for an epic party. In 1000 Club style, we’ll pick only the best venues in town, showcasing Portuguese-owned vendors when we can and gathering as a tribe to have fun and make new connections!

  • Members Catalog & Concierge

    Think Bumble meets Linkedin. Our members catalog is searchable gold. Looking for a business collaboration? Want tips on where to eat in your neighborhood? Between our members catalog and our community manager serving as your on-demand master-connecter, we’re here to help make you find the right people and make life easier!

Welcome to the club

Welcome to the MVP of the OneThousandClub. Below you will find the list of all members. Feel free to connect directly or ask our concierge for an intro!

Our last meetup

The purpose of the club is to spark connections between our members. Every week members are proposing places to meet, and once a month we host a party for all our members.

Meet the founders

Mel Miles - Female Foreigner Co-Founder

Mel Miles is a social impact leader with a passion for connecting people. From 2013-2019, Mel managed a $200 million dollar impact investment portfolio for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where she helped launch the global effort to eradicate malaria in Africa. In addition to her global health work, Mel authored the book “Soulcation: Design a Life You Don’t Need A Vacation From” and advocates for well-being in the workplace.

After moving to Lisbon in August 2021, Mel launched a weekly dinner club with six strangers and one deep question (known around town as ‘Lapa Casa Dinners’) to bring diverse people together in a meaningful way. As a foreigner, Mel is deeply committed to investing her energy in Lisbon-based projects. OneThousand club is her effort to create a modern tribe and ensure Lisbon’s rapid growth leaves a lasting social impact.

Maxime Barbier - Male Foreigner Co-Founder

Maxime Barbier is a French entrepreneur with a passion for physical challenges, data and connecting people.

After giving up on his dream of becoming a professional basketball player, Maxime started his first startup in the nightlife industry in Paris at the age of 18, which he managed for 7 years.

Exhausted by the Parisian nightlife at 25, he launched a new adventure in the media world with a “good news only” blog, which will become in 10 years, the largest French media on social platforms, accumulating to +18 million subscribers and 250 million videos per month. A media group of 100 employees, sold to the largest French TV channel in October 2019.

At the age of 34, he found himself with a big void around him, which forced him to ask himself what he wanted to do with the time he got left in his life. He then embarked on his greatest adventure: traveling around the world to make all his dreams come true in less than 2 years. In the meantime, he recreated a new startup called Timeleft, which allows 10,000+ people to connect every month through the best experiences in town.

After meeting over 600 people in Lisbon in a few months, Maxime is convinced that it is time to bridge the gap between locals and foreigners. 

Patricia Coriel- Female Portuguese Co-Founder

Patricia is a Portuguese female leader, mother to a teenager, partner at the law firm Valadas Coriel & Associates, and extreme sports lover (e.g. snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and kickboxing). She is also a lifelong learner and serial risk-taker, which has led her to take on a variety of professional activities throughout her career beyond law, including acting, sports, and some finance projects.

Since her early days, Patricia always wanted to have a positive impact on people’s well-being, and OneThousandClub is her way to promote real connections, inspire people to get out of their homes/off their devices, and connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with others.

Patricia sees this project as necessary for the future of human relationships in her hometown Lisbon. By closing the gap between foreigners and locals, she hopes to create a trend of support, compassion, kindness, and integrity among all, despite nationality, gender or race. 

David Alves- Male Portuguese Co-Founder

David Alves is a Portuguese entrepreneur and a proud father of 3 boys. After 20 years working on investment banking in different countries, David returned to Portugal and is now a private equity fund manager. David is driven, passionate and determined in everything he does. When not at the office you may probably find him at, or by the sea, as kitesurfing is one of his healthy addictions! Educated in Lisbon and a multi-language speaker, David is an active initiator within the Portuguese community, that truly believes in the power of networking and mindful connections.

At the age of 45, David is now eager to share his energy with the OneThousandClub, aiming to connect locals and foreigners, helping to shape the future of his hometown.